id11 together with Bierumer School

As of August 1, 2021, id11 will join forces with the Bierumer School as a space for production and presentation. In the school building, which dates from 1921, are (guest) ateliers and presentation spaces.

There are opportunities to preserve the unique identity of this old school and make it future proof. Because of its history and anchoring in the country, the location lends itself to a broader range of disciplines and subjects.

Bierum is one of the oldest villages in Groningen and is part of the Eems Delta. It is a dynamic area characterized by drowned villages, wind turbines and industry, rectilinear fields, a network of mars through nature, agriculture and (offshore) industry. In recent years, more and more high tech companies have settled in the region, including Google

Bierumer School is part of De Noordenaars, a platform for presentation institutions and art initiatives in the Northern Netherlands.

Artists initiative id11 was founded in 2001 in Rotterdam for the benefit of the in 2002 realised project Development. The Foundation awakens in Delft, where she realises artists-in-residence projects and presentation spaces on temporary locations from 2008 - 2016. From 2012 to 2016 id11 is part of the European network CreArt. In 2013 id11 starts a permanent artist-in-residence program at a farmhouse in the Noordoostpolder. End of 2016 id11 finalised its participation in CreArt and activities in Delft in exchange for the Noordoostpolder. Beginning 2017 all the activities of id11 are organised at and out of the farmhouse in the Noordoostpolder. Early 2021 id11 ended its activities in and around the farm and started looking for a new place to live/work. From mid 2021 id11 moves to the Bierumer School in Bierum.

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